The trucking industry is dedicated to enhancing and preserving safety on the roads, consistently demonstrating this commitment through substantial investments in technology, training, and various other measures aimed at improving highway safety.

Recent data released by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) from their Safety Spend Survey indicates a significant increase in safety-related expenditures. In 2022, the industry reportedly invested around $14 billion in safety initiatives, marking a substantial 40% rise compared to the previous survey conducted in 2015. This considerable financial commitment underscores the industry’s dedication to ensuring safer highways.

In the survey conducted by ATA, a wide range of motor carriers, encompassing fleets of various sizes, were polled. The respondents represented a significant segment of the industry, with nearly 160,000 trucks and 170,000 drivers. The investments made by these fleets were categorized into five key areas: onboard safety technology, training programs, incentive schemes, safety-related maintenance, and compliance-related expenses. This diversified approach reflects a comprehensive strategy to bolster overall road safety.

ATA’s President and CEO, Chris Spear, emphasized the trucking industry’s unwavering commitment to safety. According to Spear, safety is not merely a slogan within the trucking community, but a core mission. The industry, he notes, is actively engaged in enhancing safety through the adoption of advanced technology and rigorous training programs. Spear’s statement highlights the industry’s proactive and dedicated efforts to protect drivers and the general motoring public, setting a standard for safety commitment in transportation.


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