A significant corruption scandal is currently shaking the Massachusetts State Police (MSP). In a comprehensive 74-count indictment, it’s alleged that two current and two former MSP members, along with two other individuals, orchestrated systemic fraud in the issuance of commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). This purported conspiracy involved falsifying documents and awarding undeserved passing scores to certain candidates, some of whom had not even taken or had failed the practical exam, in exchange for bribes.

The individuals implicated are Gary Cederquist, Calvin Butner, Perry Mendes, Joel Rogers, Scott Camara, and Eric Mathison. The charges encompass a range of misconduct, including document falsification, extortion, fraud, and perjury. Butner and Mendes have been arrested in Florida, revealing the extent of the corruption network within the MSP’s CDL unit.

The investigation uncovered a system of favoritism, where at least 17 candidates were awarded passing scores, irrespective of their actual performance, using a secret code “golden.” This practice also reportedly included four members of the MSP, who allegedly received falsified results for Class A vehicles.

The extent of the corruption goes beyond mere score manipulation. Allegations suggest that Cederquist and his associates accepted various forms of bribes, ranging from bottled water and iced tea to valuable material goods, in exchange for facilitated issuance of CDLs.

Revealing text exchanges between Cederquist and Mathison paint a picture of gross irresponsibility and negligence in candidate evaluation. Cederquist referred to one candidate as an “idiot” who should have failed multiple times. These communications highlight the depth of institutional corruption. The accused are set to appear in federal court in Boston, marking the start of a judicial process that could uncover further facets of this complex case.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the MSP. Interim Colonel John Mawn Jr. strongly condemned these acts, describing them as antithetical to the values of the majority of MSP members. All CDL holders identified as unqualified during the investigation have been reported to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The ongoing investigation promises potential further revelations, shedding light on the extent of corruption within this institution.


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