Cascadia 2020 (photo :

In 2023, the Freightliner Cascadia established itself as the most sold used truck in the United States, confirming its position as a market leader in the new truck sector for many years. Its dominance among first owners has facilitated its proliferation in the used truck market.

Beyond the Cascadia, the market is significantly more diverse. According to resale and auction data compiled by Price Digests, over a dozen truck models from various manufacturers were the second or third most sold vehicles in at least one state in 2023. Each manufacturer had at least one truck model ranked second and third in sales volume in at least one state.

Although the Cascadia’s market volume dominance is undeniable, its commercial success was not absolute in all states. One region of the country saw another truck surpass the Cascadia in terms of sales volume.

The Cascadia was the best-selling truck in 43 states, with over 1,000 units sold in 21 states. However, the Kenworth T680 outperformed the Cascadia, particularly in Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota, where the T680 nearly doubled or even quintupled Cascadia’s sales.

The competition for second place in the used truck market was fierce, primarily involving three truck models. The Kenworth T680 finished second in total sales in the United States, closely followed by the Volvo VNL and the International LT625.


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