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Truck World 2024, scheduled for April 18-20 at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, is an eagerly anticipated event for the trucking industry. This year, the event offers a special opportunity for those who attended in 2022: free registration, a significant saving compared to the regular $20 entrance fee. But the real allure of Truck World 2024 goes far beyond cost savings; it lies in its comprehensive showcase of the future of trucking.

A key highlight of Truck World 2024 is the GreenTECH section. Building on the success of the Greener Route from past shows, GreenTECH stands as a pivotal area for learning and discovery. It brings together companies dedicated to alternative fuel equipment and sustainable products & technologies. This section will host daily sessions with experts and industry insiders, offering attendees the latest knowledge on emerging developments and policies. The GreenTECH education stage is particularly noteworthy. It will feature a full agenda highlighting low- and zero-emission fleet case studies, financial incentives for clean vehicles, climate and environmental policies, and the accelerated development of zero-emission infrastructure. Advances in battery technology, charging infrastructure, biofuels, hydrogen, and autonomous vehicles will also be prominent topics.

A new and exciting addition to this year’s event is the Truck World Ride & Drive. This feature allows attendees with a valid AZ License to test drive commercial vehicles equipped with the latest technologies, including hydrogen, battery, and electric options. It’s a unique opportunity to experience these vehicles firsthand, offering a tangible glimpse into the future of trucking.

The New Product Showcase is another significant aspect of Truck World 2024. This dedicated area on the show floor is set to highlight some of the latest trucks, trailers, engines, parts, accessories, and technology. Visitors can not only see these innovations but also engage with experts to learn more about them.

In a nod to the trucking community’s spirit, Truck World 2024 will also celebrate Hat Day on Saturday, April 20. This special event will see attendees receiving free hats at the show entrances, courtesy of Truck World exhibitors. It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate the trucking industry’s culture and the people who are its backbone.

Truck World 2024 promises to be an immersive and enlightening experience for everyone involved in the trucking industry. It’s not just an event; it’s a comprehensive platform where professionals and enthusiasts alike can connect, learn, and explore the dynamic and evolving world of trucking. Hope to see you there!


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