Back in the day, I’m fairly certain that Ergonomics was not in the vocabulary or in the minds of truck drivers. Basically, the word Ergonomics means the scientific study of people and their working conditions, especially done to improve effectiveness. Back in the day you just got in the seat of the truck and drove your load to where it was going. As fast as possible and no one paid attention to their back, posture, or how they were sitting.

The word Ergonomics means the scientific study of people and their working conditions, especially done to improve effectiveness. All truck drivers need to find ways to make their truck seats more comfortable. The seats need to promote healthy driving posture this helps prevent back problems, from muscle spasms to disc herniation.

There needs to be enough cushion under you to prevent your butt from getting numb or painful. Circulation is also vital because drivers develop skin rashes and discomfort from overheating. It’s important that if you develop a rash you need to treat it as soon as possible, especially for your health and overall comfort. Luckily truck stops now carry more products for truckers well being! Diaper rash cream isn’t just for babies anymore!

Each driver also has a different body stature, with different leg lengths and torso measurements, so fit is very important. Your body weight is resting on your bottom for hours, and many trucks don’t provide much in the way of seat cushioning. Using an ergonomic cushion made of memory foam, gels, or a combination of the two to distribute your body weight evenly, soften the ride, and protect your spine. While driving your back should be in an S position to prevent injuries, aches, and pains. There are cushions available that attach to the upper seat or headrest, but many drivers have small pillows or cushions they use on and off to give their upper back, neck, or shoulders a break.

Adjusting your steering wheel for your height is also important. The right height makes it easier to grip the wheel without getting tired and putting strain on shoulders and necks and your legs should be at about a 120-degree angle and your feet should comfortably reach the pedals for maximum comfort.

Seatbelts are often the last thing we think about because often people think that they are uncomfortable but some small adjustments can make them feel invisible as well, Drivers can customize their seatbelts. If standard seatbelts don’t hit you where they should because you are very short or very tall, you can order a customized seatbelt. There are aftermarket products you can use to get the belt in the right place. You might also want to add padding inside the strap where it rests against you.

Many therapists can help you find a solution to your back problems and that can help you adjust your seats to make your ride a bit more comfortable.

Here are a few suggestions on seat cushions that could help you be more comfortable while heading down the highway.

  1.  ComfiLumba Car Seat Cushion – Has a tapered shape to prevent pressure on your legs and help prevent leg cramps. There’s even a leg extender which gives you 17 inches front to back for larger truck seats.
  2. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Has a cooling gel layer on top of the high-density memory foam to provide extra support and keep your bottom cool.
  3. Xtreme Comfort Seat Cushion – larger than most other cushions at 19 inches across and 17.5 inches back to front so it’s a great choice for truckers.
  4. Purple Seat Cushion – The famous purple grid is oversized for bigger people and stands up to more weight.


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