Getting a good night’s sleep is number one in taking care of yourself while driving! It used to be that every truck had the same standard mattress, and as you all know, no two people have the same sleep position. Some like their mattress hard some soft, some cool, and some warm. itès much like Goldilocks and the three bears.
Now, mattress companies are getting into the long-haul trucker mattress category. Much has changed thanks to specialized materials and advancing sleep technology, with today’s trucker mattresses providing you with restorative and restful sleep and helping with lower back pain, neck pain, and even numbness and tingling.

The most common truck mattress size is 42” wide x 80” long, and of course, the height will vary depending on the level of firmness you like, what makes up the inside, the cost, and how much overhead space you need. I always advise taking a field measurement and remember to allow a small amount of additional space around all sides, because foam mattresses, even mattresses that have pocketed coils, will slightly compress over time (this is normal) and expand ever so slightly. Also, you don’t want any bunching to occur or have the mattress create a hump that is caused by attempting to cram it into a smaller space.

Long haul drivers face far more musculoskeletal and neurological problems caused by excessive sitting Truckers are number the number one profession that sits in one place for an extended amount of time. So, when it comes to sleeping you want that time to ease your aches and pains and replenish your body for the day ahead! The DOT published a detailed report about the health risks of being a long-haul trucker. It isn’t for sissies.

You might be looking for a decent mattress to help with issues like back and shoulder pain, arthritis, and even deep vein thrombosis.
sleeping on a mattress can reduce pressure and also help improve circulation. Companies now have designed mattresses for people who have work sitting all day to benefit their health when they sleep at night

For pressure relief, a mattress generally needs to have a few ingredients that provide buoyant support, a bit of cradling, and the ability to transfer weight away from your body to the sides of the mattress.

Memory foam, contoured or convoluted foam, gel foam, and even something called “micro-coils” can improve the pressure-relieving abilities and overall comfort and support a mattress delivers. Memory foam and gel foam can offer excellent pressure relief and should be a key structure in a trucker mattress. Typically, memory foam and gel foam do not cause your mattress to be hot but, have a subtle, melting sensation. It allows your body to sink in very slightly, without making you feel like you are trapped. Also, there are cooling mattresses that help people with comfort and prevent nights that are too warm.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind if you are thinking of changing your Truck mattress in the future!

Durable and resilient
Instantly reactive
Environmentally friendly
Dust mite-resistant
Relieves pressure points
Breathable – stays cool
Supports back and joints
Odor-free product
Orthopedist/Chiropractor recommended

Don’t forget about your bedding! Everyone has that want and need to be comfortable, especially in bed. So, make sure that you buy proper sheets to fit your mattress and blankets are key. Being a long-haul truck driver means that the temperature can change from day to night depending on where you are going, there is nothing wrong in have an extra blanket or maybe a sleeping bag just in case!


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