Deportation Decision | The truck driver involved in the catastrophic collision with the Humboldt Broncos bus, which resulted in the tragic death of sixteen individuals and injuries to thirteen others, is set to find out on Friday if he will be deported back to India. In 2018, at a rural intersection near Tisdale, Saskatchewan, the novice driver from Calgary ran through a stop sign, causing the devastating accident with the junior hockey team’s bus. After pleading guilty to charges of dangerous driving, he received an eight-year prison sentence and was later granted full parole.

Legal representatives for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu anticipate a brief hearing before federal immigration authorities, citing stringent regulations that offer minimal leeway. Michael Greene, Sidhu’s attorney, remarked in a discussion that the case appears straightforward and uncontested, expecting the proceedings to conclude rapidly. Sidhu, who became a permanent resident of Canada in 2014, faces deportation due to a criminal conviction that entails a sentence exceeding six months.

Despite the legal setbacks, Greene plans to appeal for Sidhu’s reinstatement of his permanent resident status on humanitarian grounds once deportation is ordered. He highlighted that the Canada Border Services Agency had recommended Sidhu’s removal two years prior, and despite efforts to challenge this through the courts, including a dismissed plea for a reconsideration of Sidhu’s clean prior record and expressed remorse, no personal circumstances of the permanent resident were considered. Greene emphasized the lengthy and uncertain duration of the legal processes involved, including a pre-removal risk assessment and potential deferrals while Sidhu’s appeals are processed.

Meanwhile, family members of the crash victims have expressed a desire for Sidhu’s deportation.


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