DASHCAM | Jim Ross survived a dramatic accident when his SUV was hit by a dump truck whose raised bed snagged overhead wires. The truck driver attempted to maintain control, but the truck ultimately flipped onto Ross’s SUV.

Despite the risk of electrocution from fallen power lines, the dump truck driver managed to escape by breaking his windshield. A bystander was able to open Ross’s passenger door, allowing him to exit unharmed. Although the incident resulted in the loss of his vehicle, Ross is aware of how fortunate he was to survive and hopes his experience will underscore the importance of remaining attentive at the wheel, without distractions.

Following this incident in British Columbia, starting June 1st, all dump trucks in the province capable of lifting more than 4.15 meters must be equipped with an in-cab warning device to alert drivers when the bed is raised. No citations or actions have been taken against the trucking company, which Ross chose not to name, preferring to avoid placing blame.


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