Tomorrow between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., the work of truckers will be recognized by other major players in the Quebec trucking industry! Burrowes Insurance Brokers, Traction and TruckPro will meet professional drivers to greet them and offer them a good meal!

“The truckers had a difficult time and they still managed to transport consumer goods to Canadians”, said Martin Burrowes, president of Burrowes Insurance Brokers, on Truck Stop Quebec.

“Of course we are sensitive to the trucking industry, and more particularly the drivers, because it is our livelihood, so each of us thought about what we could do to thank them” added Gaetan Delisle, vice-president of UAP (Traction).

It was by looking for a place where meeting with truckers can be carried out safely and respecting the best hygiene measures that the idea of offering meals at Relais Routier Petit came to mind of the two giants of the trucking industry. The truck stop already offers takeout meals and they were very motivated when the idea came up.

“The idea is to thank our obligated volunteers,” says Delisle. “Because, you have to understand that the truckers and the trucking industry did not have the option of teleworking at home, they were no more and no less obliged to go to the front and to face it. ”

“We at Burrowes have trucking insurance at the heart of our business,” said Mr. Burrowes. “And, we had to give these people our gratitude. It goes without saying, they have merit, they have our admiration. So it’s a minimum and it makes us happy.”

“These are people we work with on a daily basis. It sometimes becomes friends, through our workshops or through our stores, ”added Mr. Delisle.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic, the work of truckers has come to light a little more, and that’s a good thing. But what made me jump was when I saw that there were companies that refused truckers access to their services. That too was a trigger. These people support us during the crisis and we prevent them from going to the toilet, that is nonsense! ”

It is with impatience and enthusiasm that truckers will be expected tomorrow at Relais Routier Petit.

“This is the first step, and with Martin, we are looking at what the next step will be, what areas we could consider doing the same thing,” said Delisle. “We will give priority to those who are in the corridor of the 20 tomorrow, but there are other sectors and I invite the people to send us the sites where we could reproduce the event.”

You are a truck driver? Stop by tomorrow at exit 152 of Highway 20 in Quebec. We will also be there in the afternoon with t-shirts and stickers!


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