Leadership Transition at Bison Transport: Mike Ludwick Appointed Interim CEO A key leadership change is taking place at Bison Transport, a leading logistics provider in North America. Starting June 1st, Mike Ludwick will assume the role of Interim President and Chief Executive Officer. Ludwick, who joined Bison in 1997 and has served as the Chief Administrative Officer, will take over leadership duties as Rob Penner, the longstanding President and CEO, retires at the end of May after a distinguished 35-year career with the company.

Rob Penner’s leadership tenure saw him transition from driving trucks to overseeing the company’s strategic direction, marking a period of significant growth and transformation. Under his stewardship, Bison solidified its position as a key player in the logistics sector. It’s noted that Penner would commend the entire team for their efforts in expanding Bison’s operations and integrating the ownership transition from the Jessiman to the Richardson family, a move that strengthened the company’s market presence in North America.

As Mike Ludwick prepares to lead Bison, it is understood that his extensive experience within the company and his role in Bison Transport USA have well-prepared him for this new challenge. Don Streuber, Executive Chairman, has emphasized the seamless nature of this transition, indicating his confidence in Ludwick’s capabilities to guide Bison during its next growth phase. The company remains committed to delivering exceptional logistics services across North America, backed by its expansive fleet and innovative operations.


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