Equipping the fleet’s Goodyear Endurance® RSA® tires with Goodyear SightLine technology, the company’s comprehensive tire intelligence solution, enables Gatik to advance the safety and overall accuracy of its efficient fleet operations, while also improving delivery uptime and reliability.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, renowned for connected mobility solutions, and Gatik, a leader in autonomous middle-mile B2B logistics, have announced an expanded partnership. This collaboration is pioneering in integrating tire intelligence technology into autonomous driving systems, a first in the industry, enhancing safety and efficiency in autonomous vehicles.

Through rigorous on-road testing in varied, challenging conditions, valuable data from tire intelligence has significantly aided Gatik. This data, encompassing road conditions and tire health, has enabled enhancements in Gatik’s autonomous vehicle (AV) controllers, improving aspects such as precise cornering, effective braking, and optimal tire load management.

Gatik’s fleet has been equipped with Goodyear Endurance® RSA® tires, featuring Goodyear’s comprehensive SightLine tire intelligence technology. This integration advances the safety, accuracy, and reliability of Gatik’s fleet operations, contributing to better delivery uptime. Gatik intends to expand the use of this technology across its autonomous fleet in North America.

Goodyear’s SightLine technology, integrated into their intelligent tires, functions akin to smartwatches that track health vitals, providing real-time monitoring of tire health. This innovative system uses embedded sensors within the tires to gather data on aspects such as tire pressure and wear. This information, analyzed by cloud-based algorithms, is communicated to fleet operators in real-time, enhancing vehicle safety and efficiency. The technology is particularly beneficial for fleets, including cargo vans in field service, construction, and last-mile delivery industries. Goodyear’s pioneering approach in tire intelligence, with a vision to include this technology in all new products by 2027, is instrumental in advancing connected and autonomous mobility, as demonstrated by a significant reduction in stopping distance in initial tests.

The Goodyear Endurance® RSA® tires are designed for superior performance in urban and regional environments. These tires feature an innovative tread compound that enhances fuel efficiency and offers high resistance to intensive wear. They provide excellent traction and effective braking on wet or snowy surfaces, thanks to their specialized tread block geometry. The robust construction of these tires ensures extended durability and increased resistance to damage, while the IntelliMax rib technology promotes even wear and longevity.

Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s senior vice president, highlighted the tire’s role as the vehicle’s sole contact with the road. By providing real-time insights from intelligent tire data, Goodyear helps enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of Gatik’s AV system. The technology allows for swift adaptation to diverse road conditions and payload variations.

The partnership includes continuous, extensive testing at Goodyear’s San Angelo, Texas Proving Grounds, ensuring AVs are thoroughly evaluated in various road scenarios. Future plans involve incorporating Goodyear’s advanced predictive road condition monitoring into Gatik’s AV system, further optimizing Gatik’s operations and ensuring consistent, reliable goods movement for a wide range of clients, including major grocers and e-commerce entities.


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