Starting next week, on Monday, January 15, the Village of Liverpool in New York will enforce a new truck ban on all city streets. This regulation targets commercial vehicles exceeding five tons in gross weight. The ban, detailed in the Village of Liverpool Town Code, does not apply to local deliveries or pickups within the village. However, truck drivers flouting this rule face substantial fines, which escalate with the vehicle’s weight. Fines start at $1,200 for trucks weighing between 5 and 7.5 tons and can reach up to $4,700 for trucks over 22.5 tons.

From the Village of Liverpool Town Code:

All trucks, tractors and tractor-trailer combinations having a total gross weight in excess of five tons are hereby excluded from all streets, roads and highways in the Village of Liverpool, except that this exclusion shall not be construed to prevent the local delivery or pickup of merchandise or other property (in the Village) along the streets, roads and highways from which such vehicles and combinations are excluded.

In preparation for the enforcement period, the town is installing over two dozen informational signs. This ban was voted in last summer following the opening of a nearby Amazon warehouse, which led to a significant increase in truck traffic in the area.


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