Peterbilt announced on Thursday the launch of its new Digital Vision System-Mirrors (DVS-M) for Models 579 and 567, aimed at maximizing driver visibility and safety. This innovative digital system includes three High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras: one in the driver’s side mirror head and two in the passenger side. These cameras are equipped with hydrophobic lenses to repel water, ice, and dust, ensuring clear visibility in adverse conditions. The cameras’ feeds are displayed on two HD monitors within the cab, a 12.3-inch on the driver’s side and a 15-inch on the passenger side, both strategically placed on the A-Pillars to maintain unobstructed windshield visibility.

The DVS-M system offers three display layouts : Traditional, Panoramic, or Expanded, and incorporates Vision Enhancements such as Automatic Trailer Tracking and Panning, Infrared Night Vision, and Clear Inclement Weather Vision. Jake Montero, Peterbilt’s Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing, commented, “With the introduction of the Digital Vision System-Mirrors, Peterbilt continues to set industry standards for performance and safety through meaningful technological advancements. This system not only enhances product quality but also significantly improves the driving experience for our customers.”

The system not only minimizes blind spots and improves visibility during harsh weather but also reduces the distraction caused by headlight glare at night. Additional benefits of the DVS-M include up to 1.5% fuel savings from a more aerodynamic mirror design and an automatic camera defrost feature that activates at temperatures below 43°F.


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