I pull into a duck processing plant and drop my empty trailer, then park my truck for the night right next to a nice little pond. My pick-up was in 12 hours so I do my EDL and lay down in the bunk.

At about 3 am I heard something outside my truck’s passenger side door. I got up and looked out expecting to see someone or something. I quickly thought that maybe I wasn’t allowed to park there for the night. But, there was nothing there!

I must be hearing things. I started to lie back down. But, as soon as my head hit the pillow I heard the tapping again except this time it was on my driver’s side.

The same thing happened as before, I jump up and look out my window but nothing was there. I then double-lock my doors just in case and open my side hatches so I can hear what’s going on outside.

After about 15 minutes, I hear a very light splat splat splat passing on the driver’s side of the truck.

I slowly get up and try to look out my window at the exact moment whoever is knocking on my door. And then I hear a thud coming from the roof of the cab.

I stop grab my tire thumper off its hook and ready myself for whatever the hell is going on.

Then thud! A duck falls off the top of the truck and lands on my hood. It stands up, waddles back and forth, and looks at me.

The moment the duck and I made eye contact the tapping at my door started again. Then I threw open the driver-side door and there was another duck waddling away in a hurry honking like a 5-year-old who just found the horn on his new bike.

The pond I parked next to had a ton of them just ducking around. Needless to say, It was hard to sleep that night because every couple minutes the duck would peck at my door or land on the cab and then jump off and waddle away!


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