The Coalition for Electric Vehicle Transport (CEVT), which includes carriers, car manufacturers, and trailer makers, has written to Congress to demand a 10% (8,000 pounds) increase in weight limits for articulated auto carriers that transport electric vehicles (EVs). They are also calling for a 10% increase in single and tandem axle weight groups.

Industry professionals argue that truck weight laws have not been revised in 40 years and reduce EV carrying capacity by up to 28%. This makes transportation of these vehicles more difficult as they are heavier than gasoline-powered cars. Despite industry attempts to address the issue through innovation, they have been unsuccessful, leading the CEVT to turn to Congress as a last resort.

The coalition is made up of a diverse group of businesses, including the American Automobile Transporters Association, the American Trucking Association’s Automobile Transporters Conference, the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association, and car transport companies Hansen and Adkins Auto Transport and Jack Cooper Transport. They hope that Congress will consider their request and make changes to truck weight laws to help the electric vehicle industry grow and thrive.


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