The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has recently recognized Kierra Meyer as their January 2024 Member of the Month. Meyer holds a prominent position as the Senior Manager of the Operations Academy at Sysco Corporation. This acknowledgment highlights her influential role in the trucking industry and her contributions to enhancing the training and skill development of truck drivers.

Early Realization and Career Path
Meyer’s journey in the trucking industry began with an insight she had during her college years. She realized the need for more comprehensive training for truck drivers after witnessing an incident involving a driver performing a complex maneuver without adequate guidance. This experience sparked her interest in trucking, leading to a career path she hadn’t anticipated. Meyer entered the industry through a referral and worked her way up to significant roles, including DOT Safety Manager and Assistant Warehouse Manager, before joining Sysco Corporation in 2022.

Curriculum Development at Sysco
At Sysco, Meyer and her team are responsible for designing curriculum for Sysco’s Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training facilities. This in-house training, provided to existing employees, aims to enhance their career prospects by enabling them to become CDL certified drivers. The program, which covers all training and certification costs, is integral in increasing the number of qualified drivers at Sysco and boosting their career earnings potential. Meyer’s role extends to managing the training curriculum for all new Sysco Delivery Partners, emphasizing safety and efficiency.

Meyer’s Commitment to Sustainable Living
Outside her professional life, Meyer is dedicated to sustainable living. Her approach to sustainability is reflected in her preference for repairing or creating items herself rather than purchasing new ones. This ethos is exemplified in her projects, such as refurbishing furniture and building shelves from scrap wood. Meyer’s interest in acquiring new skills underscores her belief in the value of self-sufficiency and environmental responsibility.

Advocating for Women in Trucking
Meyer is a strong advocate for increasing female participation in the trucking industry, a field traditionally dominated by men. She sees women as crucial drivers of change, capable of introducing fresh perspectives and innovations. Meyer’s vision is to achieve a more balanced representation of men and women in trucking. She encourages women to voice their ideas and take initiative, emphasizing that making a mark in the industry is more about initiative than perfection. Her personal journey, from a college student with a nascent idea to a leader shaping the future of trucking, exemplifies the impact one can have by stepping up and making a difference.


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