Navistar has recently declared that over 100 of its dealerships are now authorized to support electric vehicles (EVs), comprising more than 30% of its total network. This extensive coverage spans 41 states in the U.S. and seven provinces in Canada, significantly enhancing the accessibility of sales and services for International and IC Bus electric vehicles. As the industry leans towards a zero-emissions future, Navistar’s dealers are equipped with specialized tools, lifts, and chargers, ready to address all aspects of EV maintenance and ensure continuous operation for customer vehicles.

Debbie Shust, Vice President of Work Truck Business at Navistar, emphasizes the company’s customer-first approach, crucial during the transition to electric vehicles. According to Shust, achieving a positive EV experience for customers involves comprehensive dealer preparation in sales and technical service aspects. This readiness includes creating a tailored sales plan, investing in technician training, and having the right service equipment on hand to meet the evolving needs of EV owners.

Moreover, Navistar’s zero emissions team is actively assisting customers with a three-step consultative process to ease the transition to electric vehicles. This involves understanding customer motivations, helping design a robust EV adoption strategy including infrastructure planning, and finally ensuring seamless integration of EVs into existing operations. This thorough approach underscores Navistar’s commitment to supporting their clients’ shift towards sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.


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