Jean-Marc Prévost, who regularly traverses Quebec’s Highway 50, is championing a proactive approach about safety on the road. He encourages fellow truck drivers and all road users to play an active role in accident prevention by promptly reporting dangerous driving behaviors to the authorities.

Jean-Marc shared details of a significant event that occurred recently during a nighttime drive. After observing erratic driving by another motorist, he did not hesitate to contact 911. The critical nature of this action became apparent when it was later reported that the erratic driver was involved in a fatal collision on the Guy-Lafleur Highway.

“In that moment, several of us truckers were witnesses to the erratic behavior, yet it seemed I was the only one to make the call. There’s a common reluctance to dial 911, possibly out of fear of being a bother,” Jean-Marc Prévost noted during a broadcast interview on CIME radio.

This incident underscores the importance of vigilance and immediate response to abnormal driving behaviors that pose a risk to public safety. Jean-Marc Prévost’s response serves as a vital reminder of the crucial role each individual can assume in fostering safer roads. The community must remain attentive and decisive, never hesitating to report potential dangers to ensure everyone’s safety.


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