Have you seen on display last October at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE) in San Diego, the spectacular Peterbilt’s new SuperTruck II demonstrator vehicle?

The goal of the SuperTruck II program is to meet prevailing emissions and Class 8 tractor-trailer vehicle safety and regulatory requirements, initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Its important target : the development of cost effective efficiency technologies.

The truck features :

  • 15-liter diesel 48 volt mild hybrid powertrain;
  • waste heat recovery system;
  • lightweight chassis for improved fuel economy;
  • large, wrap-around dash, 15-inch digital dash display for virtual gauges and critical vehicle data;
  • additional display for HVAC;
  • infotainment and navigation controls;
  • articulated seat that rotates left and right;
  • pull-out desk;
  • carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel used all around the cab and chassis to save weight (about 4,800 pounds from the tractor and trailer).

Peterbilt was not yet ready to provide final figures for its concept truck’s freight efficiency gains at MCE, but the vehicle is in the final stages of testing.


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