The new hydrogen fuel cell electric semi-truck from Walmart Canada is now operating in Mississauga, Ontario, marking a significant step in the retailer’s initiative to adopt alternative propulsion technologies for its fleet.

Walmart Canada has introduced a hydrogen-powered electric semi-truck, an innovative vehicle that emits zero exhaust emissions. The Nikola EV Class 8 hydrogen truck has a range of approximately 800 kilometers and can potentially prevent about 97 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, according to the manufacturer. Walmart Canada is also one of the first retail fleets in North America to utilize this type of truck.

The introduction of hydrogen trucks allows for longer trips with alternative energy, increasing the range compared to currently available electric fleet options. This first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will be deployed in Ontario for extended trips, marking an advancement in using alternative propulsion technologies for longer hauls.

Gonzalo Gebara, President and CEO of Walmart Canada, emphasizes that the introduction of this vehicle is a crucial step in the company’s journey to become more sustainable. He asserts that Walmart Canada is committed to adopting new technologies and promoting positive changes within the industry.

Steve Girsky, President and CEO of Nikola, expresses pride in his company’s support for Walmart’s sustainability initiatives. He adds that this collaboration demonstrates a shared commitment to a zero-emission future and a positive impact on communities and the planet.

Stephen Lecce, Ontario’s Minister of Energy and Electrification, explains that Ontario is heavily investing in the production of clean and reliable energy, creating an environment conducive to business investment and job creation. He notes that Ontario is rapidly building its hydrogen economy with new production projects to help forward-thinking companies in the province transition to hydrogen-powered vehicles and reduce their emissions.

Michael Buna, Senior Director of the National Fleet for Walmart Canada, indicates that the company’s ambitious goal is to power 100% of its fleet with alternative energy. The introduction of the hydrogen electric semi-truck is a significant milestone toward achieving this goal.

The Nikola hydrogen fuel cell semi-truck transports high-pressure gaseous hydrogen in specialized tanks. The hydrogen then passes through the fuel cell assembly and is converted into electricity by combining with oxygen, producing only water vapor as a byproduct. This electrical energy is transferred to the high-voltage power system, which charges the truck’s batteries and powers the wheels via an electric axle.

According to Natural Resources Canada, hydrogen is the simplest, lightest, and most abundant element on Earth. It possesses the highest energy per unit of all fuels and plays a crucial role in the transition to a carbon-neutral future.


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