The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has announced Tanya Miracle as its March 2024 Member of the Month. Miracle serves as the Director OE Truck Channel at Bridgestone Americas, a position she holds with pride. Her journey into the trucking industry began in high school and, as she puts it, was “100% by accident.” Yet, this accidental entry has led to a fulfilling career that she continues to cherish.

Miracle’s early career started in Ohio, where she worked as a dispatcher for Robert’s Express in 1993. Her journey took a turn when she joined a tire mold company, further deepening her connection to the trucking industry. Her personal life also intertwined with her professional path, as she was once married to an owner-operator who hauled oversize drop deck freight. This experience gave her a profound understanding of the sacrifices and challenges faced by long-haul drivers and their families, from missed birthdays and holidays to the uncertainties of industry downturns. These experiences, though tough, have shaped her resilience and courage.

Miracle’s career took a significant turn when she applied to Bridgestone for a role in developing consumer tires. Instead, she was introduced to the commercial truck group, marking the beginning of her love affair with the trucking industry. She appreciates the collaborative environment, where people from all levels, from truck drivers to CEOs, interact and exchange ideas as equals. This sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to contribute to the industry’s growth have kept her passionate about her work.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Miracle’s role is her commitment to breaking down barriers for women in the trucking industry. She promotes from within, creates pathways for women to succeed, and ensures that everyone has the necessary tools to realize their full potential. Her progressive mindset and technical expertise as a former design engineer have driven initiatives and innovative ideas that deliver solutions to customers, making Bridgestone a place where talent can thrive and a culture of camaraderie is preserved.

Outside of work, Miracle is dedicated to her family, with nine children, including stepchildren, biological children, and adopted children. She also enjoys playing golf. Her accomplishments include winning an internal Bridgestone America award in 2020 and being recognized as a top woman to watch in Bridgestone in 2022. Her advice to those entering the industry is not to be intimidated by preconceived notions, as the trucking industry is more accepting and open than it is often perceived. She believes in the power of diversity to bring innovative ideas and strengthen the industry. Looking ahead, Miracle remains committed to the trucking industry, driven by a passion to make it the best it can be and to continue moving it forward.


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