5 Foods and Snacks while driving for a living.

No matter who you are, trying and stay healthy is an important part of our daily life. Truck drivers are constantly looking for ways to keep the seat belt from becoming too tight. Many truckers and their partners are now prepping their meals before jump into the cab of their trucks. Some even actually cook in their truck instead of stopping at truck stops for a meal, although many restaurants have included in their menu a healthier selection, but they are normally very limited and sometimes tasteless.

Basically, there are 5 general recommendations while planning a good menu to keep you satisfied while on the road.

  • Lean Meat – Meat is a popular meal for many truckers. Try picking a meat not too high in fat. We all love a good steak but making chicken and switching up for a favorite type of fish (not too smelly) is a great alternative.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables- It’s been proven that truck drivers that snack on fresh fruit and veggies have better immune systems. Oranges and citrus fruit boost your vitamin C that keeps you healthy and strong, and blueberries are an excellent example of antioxidants keeping your heart healthy.
  • Fibre Rich Foods – While no one will benefit from too much fiber (you do have a delivery to make on time…right) so, a little goes a long way but, Fibre does keep you focused, and your stomach from being hungry. Keeping you on the highway longer, Ex: Changing white bread to whole wheat.
  • Healthy snacks – Nuts like almonds, granola, power bars, yogurt, trail mix and popcorn. Having hard-boiled eggs on hand or a personal favorite prepared tuna and crackers
  • Water – We all know how important water is.

All in all, some small changes can make a lot of changes for you your waist and your wallet.


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