Food trucks are becoming more and more popular in the recent years, thus attracting more companies to try and adapt new technologies and find ways to respect the new current standards of sanitary measures in place.

It is with this vision that DHL Express, an international delivery service company has decided to innovate by coping the ‘Food Truck’ method by offering to it’s clients mobile shipping points. Their very first mobile ‘pop-up’ concept is currently parked in a shopping centre in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The mobile unit offers approximately 2,200 cubic feet that can be raised and lowered by a hydraulic system. It is currently equipped with a wireless computer system that responds to the needs of both national and international parcel senders. It also offers on-site sells, such as: bubble wrap, tape, boxes, etc.

In the upcoming months, DHL Express wants to offer on-site pick-ups at their mobile units, just like shipment’s. More mobile service should open across the United States by the end of this upcoming year.


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