Let’s face it Canada has some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife in all the world, Rairely can you ever see all of the 4 seasons but also some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with lakes, ponds, rivers, rolling mountains, the acres of the flattest land but also, a zoo full of animals playing in the fields in some places never expected
With all the beauty, I find the best part of riding on the roads and highways and the What did we just pass?? Did you see that? and if possible can we turn around and go back to see it again? The what moment! Did I really see that? and the WOW WAIT! That’s what I like best when driving all the different roads in Canada.
We would like to start something fun and interesting here at Truck Stop Canada. One day a week we would like to highlight a picture or pictures of what you Ladies and Gents have seen that have just taken your breath away photos from your trucks or side of the road, It can be anything(Well almost). Pictures of trucks, landscapes, lakes, funny buildings landmarks, signs sunsets, or sunrises and give us where you took the picture and a bit of info behind it and we will showcase it in the upcoming weeks, with maybe a bit more information about where you can find it and why it is there.
This week’s picture was taken this weekend while I was out on a road trip. I took several pictures but this sums up the whole place. This person put a lot of hard work into finding and placing these signs just right also, there was a running water fountain outside if you or your four-legged friend needed a drink! You can always post your picture here, or at [email protected] and I will post a new picture and info the following week!

Until next time, Stay wheels on the ground!


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