• Manitou is confirming its dynamism in the truck-mounted forklifts section by participating in the Solutrans exhibition at Lyon
  • Manitou has a complete range of truck-mounted forklifts with masts and telescopics, as well as a set of solutions for transport professionals, which will be exhibited at the exhibition
  • Customers can count on reliable and high-performance equipment, on the support of an experienced network and local service that is symbolic of the brand
  • Lyon, 17 November 2015 – Manitou is participating in the Solutrans exhibition, Hall 5 stand XX, which is taking place in Lyon from 17 to 21 November 2015. The event will be the opportunity for Manitou to exhibit its material-handling solutions and to address professionals in road and urban transport: Manitou is the leader in all-terrain materials handling and a major player in the truck-mounted forklifts segment.

With the launch of the TMM (Truck Mounted Mast) in 2014, Manitou has a complete range of truck-mounted forklifts and solutions to cover all the requirements of transport professionals. 20 years of experience means that the leader in all-terrain materials handling has sound expertise in the sector.

Reliability and performance

The TMM is available in 4 models: 2T or 2.5T bi or multi-directional.

manitou1The TMT includes 5 units from 2.5T to 2.7T with different versions offered depending on the applications: Industrial, All-terrain (with stabilisers), and Poultry. These specifics closely meet the requirements of these different working environments.

Manitou has designed the truck-mounted forklifts with the aim of simplicity and reliability. The mechanically-welded monobloc chassis, the numerous protective devices for the hydraulic and hose components, and the paint, with a primary anti-corrosion layer, ensure the longevity and reliability of this equipment, which is particularly exposed to bad weather. This robust design enables these trucks to be used intensively.

Manitou truck-mounted forklifts are distinguished above all by their performance. During manitou2operations involving handling very heavy loads, the TMM and the TMT show great stability. The Kubota stage Euro 3A naturally-aspirated engine delivers constant power, even at a low speed. This gives the driver flexible and constant steering, while ensuring his productivity.

Concerning attachments, the TMM can be fitted with telescopic forks, an extender or both combined.

As for the TMM itself, the telescopic boom moves laterally by 135 mm for greater usage flexibility without adding any attachments. The inventor of the telescopic boom on the truck-mounted forklift, Manitou offers the best telescopic arm for optimum efficiency with minimum maintenance. Using this boom, the TMT can unload a platform from a single side without any additional equipment. Time saving guaranteed.

The driver also benefits from all necessary comfort and the safety that is essential to his material-handling operations.

The strength of a network and the service

Manitou, which positions itself on the truck-mounted forklifts segment, has an entire local network which applies all of its experience in materials-handling products. This network also provides its customers with its 20 years of expertise in truck-mounted forklifts.

1,400 dealers throughout the world provide support to customers, which is crucial in the Transport environment. The driver can count on the nearest dealership to provide him with the service that is necessary to properly complete his material-handling operation.

Before the purchase, the dealership carries out a load distribution study, to determine the maximum load capacity available on the vehicle. The driver can choose between 2 attachment systems (delivered with a clear usage manual). For specific requirements, the Manitou research department analyzes the requirement to create an appropriate solution, while ensuring the safety of the system.

The quality of the after-sales service and the availability of Manitou spare parts are recognized throughout the world. To facilitate their activities, transport companies can also count on the contracts for maintenance, financing or equipment rental that are offered by the dealership.

Julien Hiltzer, Product Manager for truck-mounted forklifts: “our range is capable of covering the essential requirements of our transport-company customers. The launch of the TMM range last year consolidated our position on a segment where we have been present for many years.

The essential advantage of this range is the network. The Manitou network is concentrated and very well-trained in its products. Transport companies know that they have all necessary support, wherever they are at any time. In a sector where dead time is very costly, this is reassuring.”

Investments for trucks that are “made in France”

The Manitou truck-mounted forklifts distributed in Europe are manufactured at Beaupréau (49). This unit also produces all-terrain masted trucks for the entire group.

Created only 15 years ago, the Beaupréau site has about 120 employees in a surface area of 8,000 m².

In order to support the growth in sales of truck-mounted forklifts, Manitou Beaupréau doubled the production line in 2015.

More than 200 truck-mounted forklifts are assembled each year.

The operators oversee the quality of each truck, carrying out numerous checks at all stages of manufacture. Their commitment is also a guarantee of success in the development of the Manitou range of truck-mounted forklifts.